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What is Take the Lead?

Take the Lead is a learning journey on digital transformation leadership organised by De Tijd & L’Echo and Vlerick Business School. The programme consists of 3 live events and 12 weeks of online learning. The learning journey is completely designed and delivered by Vlerick Business School. Upon successful completion of the programme, the participants will be granted the official Vlerick Business School certificate ‘Digital transformation leadership’.

Who can participate?

Every professional, consultant or entrepreneur with at least 3 years of working experience in any business function (e.g. marketing, operations, ICT, financial management, strategy, …), across any business sector, and eager to learn more, share more, and have more impact, can apply. As the course will be offered in English, the participants are expected to have a proficient level of English.

What will I learn?

After successfully completing this learning journey, you will be able to effectively address the challenge
of digital transformation in a professional context and:

  • Articulate and frame the digital transformation challenge of creating organisational agility
  • Categorise and evaluate key leadership responsibilities in creating organisational agility required
    to succeed in the digital age
  • Introduce and evaluate a number of practices for creating digital-age organisational agility
  • Stimulate and support others to contribute to the organisation’s digital transformation
  • Understand the impact that disruptive technologies have on the leadership in your company
How will I learn?

In the 12 weeks of your online learning journey, a mix of different didactical formats will be used. There will be webinars, short videos, testimonials, readings, individual assignments and reflection, team assignments and other ways of interaction and knowledge sharing between participants. There will be a variety in read/listen/watch/test/do assignments.

What is the course language?

Take the Lead will be entirely conducted in English. Participants are expected to have a proficient level of English.

When are the classes and live events?

The programme consists of 3 live events:

  • Kick-off Event: 06/02/2020 at Hotel de la Poste, Tour & Taxis Brussels
  • Mid-term Event: 21/03/2020 at Barco Campus, Kortrijk
  • Graduation Event: 07/05/2020 at Vlerick Campus Ghent


In between, there are 12 weeks of online learning (starting at 06/02/2020) with an expected time investment of 3-4 hours per week. You can follow the programme at your own pace, however we strongly recommend participating in the live webinars on the following dates:

  • Friday 21/02/2020 12.30 PM
  • Friday 06/03/2020 12.30 PM
  • Friday 20/03/2020 12.30 PM
  • Friday 03/04/2020 12.30 PM
  • Friday 17/04/2020 12.30 PM
How much time should I invest in the course?

The expected time investment in the online learning programme is 3-4 hours per week (including videos, readings, webinars and assignments). It’s designed to allow for self-paced learning during each of the 6 online modules. However, the programme has strict timings on module start and end dates to allow you to benefit maximally from peer feedback and group learning as you progress through the journey.

Can I combine this course with my job?

Yes, we always keep in mind the impact on the workplace of the participants. That’s why the programme will be, apart from the 3 live events, fully delivered online. This allows you to fit Take the Lead into your busy (professional) schedule. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that Take the Lead is an intensive course in which you will need to spend at least 3 hours per week.

Who will be mentoring during the programme?

Vlerick Business School professors Dirk Buyens, Miguel Meuleman, Carine Peeters, Walter Van Dyck, and programme director Stijn Viaene will curate the online content and will interact in the learning journey.

Moreover, we opted for a ‘learning buddy’ approach. Each participant will be paired with 2 other participants to discuss their ideas and provide feedback to one another. This is to add new perspectives to inspire and challenge each other on a regular basis throughout the learning journey.

What is the registration fee?

Thanks to our partner Barco, Take the Lead can be offered at a reduced price to a maximum number of participants. The registration fee for Take the Lead 2020 edition is 1.250 EUR incl. VAT (1033 excl. VAT). This includes:

    • All learning content on the digital learning platform
    • 4-month access to LinkedIn Learning Content on technological topics
    • Participation in 3 live events, including catering
    • 3-month digital subscription to De Tijd or L’Echo (106,5 EUR value)

Invoices are sent digitally to the email address communicated in the registration form.

Can I use training vouchers or governmental subsidies for this programme?

It is not possible to use governmental vouchers (opleidingscheques, cheques-formation)  or any forms of government subsidies (e.g. KMO portefeuille) to cover the cost of the course.

Can I participate if I joined one of the first editions of Take the Lead (2017/2018)?

Yes, you can! Since 2019, the programme is completely redesigned to tackle today’s business questions. The challenge of digital transformation is the same, but the focus is different. While the first editions were an answer to the “Why?” of Digital Transformation, this edition we address the “How?”, with a strong focus on organisational agility.

How can I obtain my certificate?

After attending at least 80% of the online courses and minimum 1 live event, you will receive your official Vlerick Business School completion certificate ‘Take the Lead – Digital transformation leadership’ during the graduation event.

What if I can’t attend one of the live events?

The live events are part of the curriculum, and a great opportunity to meet and connect with your fellow participants. We count on your attendance. However, you will only obtain your certificate if you have completed 80% of the online courses, and have attended at least one live event before the closing event.

What will happen with my data?

If you enrol on Take the Lead, we need to be able to contact you about this learning journey. Therefore, your personal data will be stored in the database of Vlerick Business School which is the controller of the processing of your personal data. Your name, function, employer and e-mail address will also be shared with Mediafin NV, publisher of De Tijd and L’Echo, for the organisation of Take the Lead (events). You can voluntary opt-in to receive future communications of each organising party. In such case you can – at any time – withdraw your consent of your personal data being used for the purpose you agreed to by sending an e-mail to database@vlerick.com”. Learn more about your rights and the use of your personal data in our privacy policy.


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