Take the lead in

the Digital Business of the Future

Deadline to enroll: 29 September 2023, only -149 days to enroll!

Practical information

Price€2.195 (ex. VAT)
Start date3 October 2023
Period10 weeks
MethodSelf-paced, interactive & individual online learning. Live kick-off and graduation event.
Extra's3-month subscription to L'Echo

Drive change in a fast-moving world

Our refreshed Take the Lead in the Digital Business of the Future programme now has an even stronger focus on making the most of digital technology.

Assess where the digital maturity of your organisation is now and how digital technology can help you to add even more value. You’ll discover which types of technology would be most useful for your business and how to integrate them. You’ll identify the goals you need to set to become a digital-first organisation. And you’ll explore how to best lead your teams through your digital journey.

What to expect

01 Online learning programme

The Digital with a purpose framework supports a purposeful and sustainable approach to digitalisation and digital transformation. Digital opportunities should not only address financial performance. The growing importance of climate change and improving individual and collective well-being can also be addressed by digital solutions. Below you can find an overview of the different modules.

Module 1

From strategy to implementation

Develop a digital strategy and translate it into a roadmap for your organisation. Discover the opportunities digitalisation brings for your current or future business model, internal processes and organisation.

Module 2

Data and digital technologies

Dive deeper into diverse technologies. Learn how technologies work, their strengths and pitfalls and what the business opportunities are. The following technologies will be discussed:
A. Data & Analytics, AI and Machine Learning
B. Automation
C. Blockchain, Tokens, Web3 & Decentralisation
D. Extended reality & Metaverse

Module 3

Digital leadership: people, growth and resilience

Learn to create an agile mindset for yourself and your colleagues, in order to successfully implement a digital strategy.

Module 4

Digital enabled sustainability

Link the opportunities digital technologies bring to improving people, planet and profit. See how digitalisation brings opportunities to grow towards a more sustainable organisation. Digital technologies can help to reduce the ecological footprint of individuals and organisations and it also brings many solutions to improve digital performance by cost reductions or new revenue streams.

02 Interactive events

The journey kicks off with an inspirational kick-off event. There are also 2 interactive online events foreseen where you can join and interact with fellow participants and we close the programme with a graduation network event.

The programme starts with a live kick-off event. Draw inspiration from our keynote speaker Jonathan Berte (CEO Robovision), enjoy a thought-provoking panel discussion with our keynote speaker and Ann Vereecke (Programme director Take the Lead in the Digital Business of the Future), moderated by Peter De Groote (Chief Editor of De Tijd) and network with your peers during a walking dinner.

6.30 P.M. – 10 P.M.

Tour & Taxis – Maison de La Poste, Picardstraat 7, 1000 Brussels

In this sessions we will dive deeper into ‘Generative AI’.

12.30 P.M. – 13.30 P.M.

Gain a deeper understanding on cyber security and ethics with this panel debate by professor Martin Butler, and seek to answer your burning questions.

12:00 P.M.  – 1.30 P.M.

We conclude the programme with a festive graduation event. Raise a glass with your peers, while receiving your official Vlerick certificate.

6.30 P.M. – 8 P.M.

Vlerick Brussels Campus, Bolwerklaan 21, 1210 Brussels

03 Peer learning

Become part of the committed Take the Lead learning community. Learn with – and from – your peers in lively discussions and group activities.

04 Networking

Expand your professional network and collaborate with industry professionals and peers.

Why you should participate

  1. To acquire the skills to become an ambassador for digital-savy change and drive your organisation’s digital transformation.
  2. To build a personal network of tech-savy professionals.
  3. To learn from the Vlerick Business School’s international faculty and business experts.
  4. To experience learning in a highly flexible programme, giving you the space to develop your skills and take them back to your business.
  5. To obtain Vlerick Business Schools’ official ‘Future in the Digital Business’ certificate.

Meet our VBS faculty

Ann Vereecke

Programme director, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Steve Muylle

Professor of Digital Strategy and Business Marketing

Bjorn Cumps

Professor of Management Practice in Financial Services Innovation and Fintech

Philippe Baecke

Professor of Marketing

Martin Butler

Professor of Management Practice in Digital Transformation

Stijn Viaene

Professor of Digital Transformation

Katleen De Stobbeleir

Professor of Leadership

Karlien Vanderheyden

Professor of Organisational Behavior

Xavier Baeten

Professor of Management Practice in Reward and Governance

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Join the programme and become a digital-savy leader.