"A digital mindset also requires
a different leadership"

Is digital the new normal? And how can a technology giant like Barco help other companies to make the transition to that digital mindset as seamless as possible? ‘In recent months, the importance of servant leadership has grown enormously.’


Take the Lead’s fifth issue focuses on resilience and agility. Did those concepts became key concepts now that most companies had to conceive some kind of hybrid business model in a hurry?

Marc Spenlé (Chief Digital & Information Officer): The challenge is twofold. On the one hand, it is all about corporate culture and digital leadership. Do managers trust their employees enough when they are working from home? And do you manage, as a company, to keep your team sufficiently sharp and motivated, even if your employees are sometimes banned from coming to the office for weeks on a row?

On the other hand, it is at least even important to create an optimal hybrid work environment in which the employees who work from home and those who work in the office can collaborate smoothly. Technology must allow everyone to fully focus on the business in a seamless manner. That is why leadership must focus on resilience and agility. 

“People are driving digital transformation, and technology must support their creativity and cooperation.”

Marc Spenlé, Chief Digital & Information Officer Barco

How can Barco’s technology contribute?

Wim De Bruyne (VP Meeting Experience): First and foremost, we must not lose sight of the fact that the employee does not exist. Every company has different generations and personalities working together on its work floor. And, of course, they all deal differently with the new, ubiquitous digital technology. Yet there is a common thread running through their sometimes often divergent expectations: technology must be easy to use, and preferably also wireless, whether on their smartphone, their laptop or in the meeting room. At home, they do everything on their laptop and they like to work in the same way at the office.

And that is precisely why we developed Clickshare Conference, a simple tool that allows you to wirelessly connect your laptop to the screen, the camera and the microphone in the meeting room. Video conferencing with your own tools has never been so easy.

Ironically, we launched this technology just before the corona outbreak, so the timing was perfect. Companies are strongly in demand for the solutions with which they make hybrid meetings run as smoothly as possible.

“ClickShare Conference is the ideal solution for hybrid working.”

Wim De Bruyne, VP Meeting Experience Barco

We expect managers not only to respond with resilience and agility to new challenges. Any self-respecting company must start from a fully digital mindset. Would you please specify this?

Tom Sys (VP ​​Software Solutions): First of all, it is all about smooth cooperation, even if you work in ten teams spread over three continents. That cooperation is essential. Furthermore, as a management, you must use your digital technology in the most optimal way possible. Extensive automation allows teams to focus on what really adds value. This does not happen from one day to the next. It is a process in which you have to invest a lot of time and effort. Effective teams and the right leadership are crucial.

“Powerful teams and the right leadership are crucial to make the digital shift.”

Tom Sys, VP Software Solutions Barco

Do companies better understand now than seven months ago that digital leadership requires more than a laptop and a good internet connection?

Marc Spenlé: I am convinced they do. They have learned that a different corporate culture also requires clear strategic choices. And they understand that a very controlling management culture usually has a detrimental impact on the resilience and agility of a company. As a result, “servant leadership” – which is primarily about trust and putting employees first – has become enormously important in recent months. Managers must realize that their trust is crucial to maintain resilience and agility in uncertain times, especially for teams in a hybrid work environment. That was a major challenge, but we notice that the importance of such a different corporate culture is beginning to dawn. Naturally, we hope to contribute to this with our facilitating technology.

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